Arrival at Whichaway Camp on the Shirmacher Oasis in Queen Maud Land. The three centralized pods held the kitchen, lounge, and dining room.

The Ceremonial South Pole, Earth! My jump is an affront to cheerleaders everywhere (and my former high school cheerleader self), but I was wearing a jillion layers of clothes, at 9200 feet, in -28 degrees, and…I’m old. The Geographic South Pole is a couple of meters away. It isn’t as fancy, but it does have a metallic marker on a short pole, so I got to walk around the world in two seconds, which was pretty cool for a Tuesday. South Pole to FD 83 (Pole of Inaccessibility) to Novolazarevskaya to Wolfs Fang to Cape Town to London to San Francisco, and at last, to New Orleans. It’s a long road home.

Wendy, South Pole jump, Antarctica