I am so grateful for a life full of the most unusual and extraordinary occurrences. 

Last night, here in the Sahara Desert, it rained. And not just rained, it poured. I’m told it was the first rain here in the Sahara in 10 years, and it won’t likely rain here again for another decade.

They said to me this morning that I must be a very lucky person since I’d brought rain to the desert. As the only guest at the camp last night (according to them, a highly unusual circumstance as they are normally booked to capacity, and were booked until the day I arrived, and are again now that I’m leaving), they credited my presence for the aberrant rainfall.

I’m not sure whether I brought the luck or was the one so lucky to be here for the once-in-a-decade rain, but in either case, I stood outside and got soaked in it.

Photos I took this morning of imprints left behind on the sands of the Sahara from last night’s rain.