A teensy bit hungover and not terribly motivated, I rallied by afternoon and caught a flight south (flight sounds so big on a small plane) from Entebbe to Kihihi. Then a 1½-hour drive to, I’m thinking…PARADISE.

These photos are of my room, the view from my room, view of the lodge, and view of my room from the lodge. Facebook says I’m in Nungamo. I know I’m in the far SE corner of Uganda (so said Sean, my plane mate and fellow guest here in the greatest lodge ever) just outside the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which I plan to penetrate (sounds so naughty; am so very immature) over the next few days to see the mountain gorillas and Bat’wa people.




New plane mate/play mate and I went wandering in the evening and found all sorts of cool stuff…a tiny village, sweeping views, giant banana trees, an outdoor theater the size of a small elevator (no posted schedule), a monkey restaurant, and cows with horns THIS big (WHAAAAT?!).






Riiight…so just your average Monday here so far in the Kanungu District, Buhoma, in the Mukono Parish of Uganda (starting with me figuring out where I am). You know…climbed a 6,000-foot mountain with a gaggle of Bat’wa pygmies to learn how they used to live, and live now. Some iPhone snaps.

Hmm, what to do this afternoon?