Pilot Derek (PD) and I had a grand time this afternoon flying back from the Lomach Airstrip in Kidepo Valley to the Kajjansi airstrip (near Entebbe). This was my second flight with PD (was lucky enough to get him again today), having flown here to Kidepo with him a few days ago.

PD briefly lost mind and let me fly the plane (after a substantial amount of instruction and sitting next to me). And not B.S. flying…I flew us side to side, banked the plane, etc., for a LONG time — am hooked! So fun!!! We also did some acrobatics, and I am proud to say that I did not puke while flying upside down.


Lomach Airstrip, Kidepo Valley, Uganda


The Nile River.


A rainbow from above.

A rainbow from above.

Flying upside down.

Flying upside down.



Oh, and arrived safely back in Entebbe, my new home away from home that I love. Am enjoying a nice evening with old friends and new. I LOVE Uganda.

The expats took me along one night. Our super-interesting tribe of military, pilots, scientists, U.N. aid workers, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and dumb me now numbers lucky 13.


Valentine vs. Phillip at the local H20-hole’s pool table.



Morning walk in Entebbe. A girl could get (is already quite) used to this…



And suddenly a storm rolled in over Lake Victoria…