Sometime ago I started following a woman on Instagram whose feed was just beautiful and compelling. Over time we became social media friends, the way you do on social media: first recognizing each other’s names, then commenting back and forth on each other’s photos, and starting to take a real interest in each other’s lives.

So yesterday while I was on this road trip for MOSCOT, I’m grabbing a quick bite to eat with Kelly, one of my very best girl friends in the world who I met 21 or so years ago while we were walking our dogs in Los Angeles, and who herself had driven 3.5 hours from Mountain Home, AR to Fayetteville so we could see each other for a few hours before I hit the road again for Tulsa, and I receive a message from this IG friend saying she can’t believe I’m in Fayetteville because she’s in Fayetteville too! My IG friend says she would LOVE to meet me and asks if I have time to do so. I write back telling her I would LOVE to meet her to, but we are in a huge hurry and leaving Fayetteville for Tulsa in literally 15 minutes.

She writes back that she is in her pajamas, with bed head and no makeup on, but she’ll be over in less than five minutes. She arrives and it’s as if my now real-life friend, Sophie, and I have known each other forever! She’s awesome and cool and talented (acclaimed pianist, fashion photographer….) and she, Kelly and I are just blown away at how we suddenly sitting together, laughing like old friends, there at Little Bread on Main Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

People disparage social media, but I fucking love it for exactly this reason. Through IG, FB, and even stupid Twitter (sorry Twitter…I just don’t get you) I have met and become real, genuine friends with so many amazing people from all over the world – many people who may be reading this now in fact – who I have been able to keep in my life, truly keep in my life – and will now know forever. People I may have only met for an hour, but through FB, we’ve kept in touch, and developed true friendships, and through the years, seen each other again and again. Oh my gosh…I’ve reconnected with so many people! I’m friends again with people from high school, junior high, and even one from nursery school(!!). I am so happy to have the chance to “re-know” these folks again now as an adult. It’s just incredible. Social media can be a time suck, FOR SURE, but it’s also a gift. At least it has been for me. Anyhoo….here we are in Fayetteville…me (middle) and beautiful Sophie (left) with our messy hair, and lovely Kelly, looking gorgeous as always.

Sophie, Wendy and Kelly Fayetteville USA


And some photos from my road trip with Pat, our US sales rep for MOSCOT:


Wendy and Pat in the MOSOCT Smart car USA

Wendy and Pat’s version of a clown car, in reverse…and yes, it all fit! (Although I used my backpack as a large leg rest.) In Memphis…headed to Fayetteville.


record store Little Rock Arkansas

Little Rock love.


on the road Oklahoma USA

We’re on the road to nowhere…somewhere in Oklahoma.


Texas state line sign USA

Yeehaw…Don’t mess with Texas.


longhorn sign Texas USA

Good morning, Dallas. And happy birthday, Lois.


MOSCOT smart car end of road trip USA

So long, Dallas, and goodbye road trip. Homeward bound…by plane.