My 50th year on earth ends today and I start my 51st. Fifty-one years alive. I’m lucky, and grateful. I’ve learned a ton, and experienced even more. Having a birthday at the end of summer, usually over a holiday weekend has always meant having a birthday when no one is around. When I was a kid, my birthday parties always had to be delayed until September when everyone was back to school. That used to annoy the crap out of me. I solved the problem as an adult by spending my birthdays in other countries on most excellent adventures. This year I’m having a different kind of adventure…I’m settling into my new hometown of New Orleans, building a new business, making new friends (keeping all my old ones of course!!!), and building a new home(the home that refuses to be finished). It’s not the Congo, South Pole, or the Sahara, but New Orleans certainly has been an awesome backdrop for new adventures. In any case, I’m no longer on FB or IG these days. I miss keeping up with all of you, and celebrating your lives. And I miss sharing the silliness of my own life. But… In any case, on my birthday, I felt like sharing my favorite quotes. More than quotes, each truly speaks to me, guides my life, and reflects who I am, or strive to become. Life, as we say, is short. I’m on the backside. Time is precious. Don’t waste it. xo Wendy Wendy Favorite Quotes