If you ever find yourself in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, I can’t recommend Kioto (http://www.kioto.com.ua/) enough. The sushi is great, and the space is beautiful, modern, and warm. The music is great too, and my very nice waitress has been a-ok with me sitting here for the past two hours just chilling, which I really needed. I’m tired as fuck today, after running around like a crazy person for the past two weeks. And the drive here from Kolomiya this afternoon was interminable — two hours to go just 30km.

The roads in Ukraine are horrendous. In Odessa and Kiev they’re fine, but outside the cities, the roads look like the surface of the moon. Most were built more than 50 years ago, and none have been maintained. Money was allocated during the Euro 2012 football championship for repairs, but unsurprisingly, since deposed president Viktor Yanukovych was a crook and a liar, his regime stole most/all of the funds. So at best, the roads are littered with potholes, and at worst, they have simply disintegrated into gravel.

Everyone is so used to it they take it in stride, casually weaving back and forth like a dance, as they maneuver around craters of all sizes. Even the 18-wheelers serpentine and sashay back and forth across the two-lane roads with alarming casualness. And no one honks. These are literally the quietest roads I have ever traveled.

So, anyway, back to sushi. I’ve been eating a lot of sushi in Ukraine. Since, really, no one speaks English here in Ukraine (legit: I couldn’t have been more surprised for whatever reason), and my Ukrainian needs work, sushi restaurants have been a brilliant discovery…photos on the menu! I can point to what I want and be reasonably assured of what I’m getting! It’s genius! Now…off to see the town of Chernivtsi, beyond this place.

An example of a typical road between towns – the camera is shaking because I’m bouncing all over the place from the potholes in the road.